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Customers love our Culinary Reserve Premium crab meat products for their sweet, clean, buttery flavor and delicate, flaky texture. Blue Swimming Crab meat meets the highest standards of seafood excellence, sourced according to the specifications of top chefs and restaurant operators around the country.  

Get the finest quality fresh crab meat delivered to your door with our premium selection of crab products. Enjoy each variety of select crab meat: claw, special, lump, super lump, jumbo, and colossal to create restaurant quality crab entrees and appetizers at home.

Our Blue Swimming crabs are wild caught from the Indonesian Spice Islands. Live crabs are steamed immediately, which is the key to premium quality. Meat is then 100% hand-picked, chilled and pasteurized under the strictest quality-control standards. High-quality packaging protects product quality and food safety.

Enjoy our chef-made gourmet Maryland style crab cakes that are ready to cook, and will be sure to wow your loved ones and dinner guests Create restaurant-quality crab recipes, crab meat pasta recipes, and delicious appetizers at home with our Super Lump Crab Meat, Colossal Crab Meat and our ready-to-eat chef made Gourmet Maryland style Crab Cakes.

Buy North Coast Seafoods’ premium crab meat online today for next-day delivery.
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