Quality Standards

Quality Standards

The Freshest Seafood Imaginable

There are NO mandatory government inspections for Seafood
... WHAT?

There are NO mandatory government inspections for Seafood ... WHAT?

Our Triple Inspection Protocol

Unlike other center of the plate proteins (chicken, beef, pork, etc.), seafood has no mandatory uniform inspection by the USDA. The vast majority of seafood imported and produced in the U.S. is not inspected. Therefore, it is North Coast’s responsibility to create and adhere to our own rigorous freshness and quality standards.

1) U.S.D.C. Grade A Compliant Facility

We have voluntarily participated in the United States Department of Commerce (USDC) Grade A program since 1985 because we see great value in a uniform federal standard for seafood. On top of this, we layer on our own quality requirements, including microbiological criteria.

2) QMP and HACCP Inspection Audit and sanitation program

The Quality Management Program (QMP) and Hazard Analysis AND Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program inspection technique provide confident assurance that seafood products are prepared under safe and sanitary conditions. In addition, our facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every night.

3) Fully Equipped on-site Microbiological and Quality Assurance Laboratories

We built our own fully capable microbiological lab in our Boston Headquarters, staffed with our resident scientist and Sensory Analyst (Quality Assurance). We test all in-coming product to ensure it meets our minimum quality standards, and if it doesn’t, we send it back.

Vertical Integration gives us total control of quality from Hook to Home

Vertical Integration gives us total control of quality from Hook to Home

Cutting out the Middleman

Direct Importer/Buyer

  • We know our trusted fishermen and source directly from them.
  • Our fishing partners understand the quality we expect and supply us top-tier quality product for our customers.

First Receiver/Processor

  • There is no middleman in between us and our fishermen.
  • We own and operate our own facilities, giving us total control of quality.
  • Every fish is given a lot number that tells us where it came from, when it was caught, when it was bought, and when it was sold.

Direct Distributor

  • We have our own fleet of trucks that deliver our seafood across New England.
  • Outside of New England, our longstanding partnership with FedEx allows us to deliver anywhere in the country overnight.
  • The majority of our seafood shipped via ground transport gets loaded by our people onto our trucks driven by our associates. This ensures absolute adherence to proper refrigerated/frozen temperatures—from loading through delivery.
  • It has been said that every degree above 34° F reduces shelf life by a day, so time and proper handling is crucial to freshness.

Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.