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At North Coast we are committed to providing our customers with a consistent supply of the highest-grade of finfish and shellfish imaginable.

Freshness Starts at Time of Catch.
Keep it Cold & Keep it Moving.

Better fishing methods means better fish

North Coast fish are locally sourced from communities around the globe, using the sustainable, long-line method of catch. The small boats we partner with deliver their fish within hours of catch, each and every day.

We hand select each fish from small boats.
Most spend less than 48 hours at sea each trip.

We Just Do It

We engineered and built two state of the art processing facilities in Boston and New Bedford, with a combined over 120,000 square feet of refrigerated processing, including two full time on-site microbiology labs to guarantee freshness and food safety.

Every fillet is inspected by one of our
expert fishmongers to ensure it meets our
precise standards for freshness, size and cut.

Our Own

Seafood is the only center of plate protein that does not have a mandatory government inspection. In the absence of industry standards, we established our own. This guarantees our customers consistently receive the highest-grade seafood every delivery.

Strict Standards – From Our Dock to Your Door.

Taste The


Exceptional flavor, remarkable texture and delectable
appearance—that’s the difference North Coast freshness makes.

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For 3 generations we have proudly partnered with local fishermen and communities from around the globe.

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Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.

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