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Fresh & Frozen Seafood Delivery Near Me

Looking for a wholesale seafood distributor you can trust to deliver responsibly harvested flash frozen and fresh seafood near you at scale? We're here to help.

Not only is our seafood certified sustainable and responsibly harvested, but we also provide customer service that's more reminiscent of a local fish market than a wholesaler. In other words, choose us and you'll benefit from our wide selection of high-quality coastal seafood as well as our commitment to your satisfaction.

North Coast Seafood Brands

Shop quality fish and seafood delivered to your door. That's what you get when you choose us to be your preferred distributor. Not only that, but you also can choose from a wide variety of wild-caught fish varieties and shellfish from our various flash-frozen brands, including:

  • Naked Seafood: Flash-frozen shrimp, salmon, cod, scallops, smoked salmon, and mussels flash-frozen within minutes of harvest to preserve freshness long after being hooked and landed. True to our name, “Naked” is our commitment to pure, clean-label seafood - NO Preservatives, NO Additives, NO Antibiotics, NO Chemicals, and NO Phosphates.
  • Chef's Catch Kitchen: Restaurant quality, chef-curated seafood that's ready to cook and serve. With offerings ranging from Swordfish Steaks to Stuffed Clams to Salmon Burgers, Chef's Catch Kitchen by North Coast Seafoods was created to make seafood SIMPLE.

Looking for fresh fish? These brands deliver the freshest fish at top-tier, restaurant quality:

  • Culinary Reserve Crab Meat: Our premium line of pasteurized Blue Swimming Crab meat was created to meet the highest standards of seafood excellence, sourced according to the specifications of top chefs and restaurant operators.
  • Naturally Pure: Our wild and farmed oysters, soft shell clams, hard shell clams, and cultured, organic mussels are responsibly harvested by our dedicated local growers from Eastern Canada through New England to the Mid Atlantic.

The North Coast Seafoods Advantage

  • Every product we ship is traceable back to the person who caught it.
  • We are quality-obsessed. Our facilities are USDC Grade-A Compliant.
  • We pioneer food safety and freshness enhancing technologies to keep our seafood pristine
  • Our seafood is responsibly caught and sustainably sourced.

There's so much more. We may not be the first to offer a sale on fish, but then again, do you really want subpar-quality seafood? We didn't think so. For top-notch seafood fresh near you, delivered right on time every time, trust North Coast Seafoods to be your distributor of choice.

We Deliver Where It Counts!

We deliver fresh and flash-frozen seafood to your door whether you're a seafood restaurant, grocery store, or retail market. But we also deliver where it counts. In other words, we deliver on our promise to provide the finest-quality seafood imaginable - period!

Experience the difference today by working with us.