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Sea to Schools - Real Food for Healthier Kids

Providing Healthy, Local Seafood for Kids with North Coast Seafoods “Sea to Schools”

Real Food for Healthier Kids

In 2014, North Coast Seafoods launched our “Real Food for Healthier Kids” K-12 school seafood program with the mission “to offer all school children the health benefits of adding seafood to their weekly school lunch program.”

Seafood has been proven to have a significant impact on a child’s physical and developmental health. We also know that high quality, healthy seafood is not as accessible for all families. This is where we strive to use our seafood to make a difference in the community.

This “Sea to School” lunch program was conceived as a passion project with the goal of delivering local, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious kid-friendly seafood at an affordable price to school districts throughout Massachusetts and greater New England.

Local and Responsibly Harvested Seafood

In 2016, North Coast won the bid to deliver fish to Massachusetts public schools. In just three short years, we have sourced over one million pounds of sustainable seafood from local fishermen and delivered it to kids across New England.

An important component of Sea to School is our partnership with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. GMRI’s Responsibly Harvested label is a promise that seafood hails from the clean, cool waters of the Gulf of Maine (spanning from Nova Scotia to Cape Cod) and the fishery or farm is managed in a way that contributes to the long-term health of the resource.

sea to schools seafood for kids conference

The Power of Vitamin Sea for Growing Brains

The USDA recommends eating at least two servings of seafood a week (at least 8 ounces) because it is a good source of lean protein that is low in saturated fats and a source of essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

In serving sustainable, local fish to students in Massachusetts and across New England, we are nourishing our kids and helping them become strong, better learners.

The primary seafood items that we supply to schools are our Sole-O Seafood Nuggets and our Fish IN Chip tenders, which have been created to match the taste and flavor preferences of kids.

  • Sole-O's 
  • Fish-in-Chips ~ Local Acadian redfish coated with Cape Cod low-fat kettle chips

Each of these items is simple to prepare in school kitchens, baking from frozen to golden brown in just 15 minutes.

 fish in chips seafood school lunch on a tray

sole o fish nuggets in tray with dipping sauce in the background

Another important part of this program is equipping educators with the knowledge to understand how our seafood is sourced and why responsibly harvested fish is the most environmentally sustainable choice. Educating students on the history, traditions, and methods of harvesting the bounty of the sea will help keep local culture and economies alive for generations to come.

We are proud to support the Seafood Nutrition Partnership and their “Eat Seafood, America!” campaign.

Interested in getting healthy seafood in your school district? Shoot an email to: