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Order our premium-quality, all-natural Naked Dog Food online today. The best nutrition for your four-legged family, from Boat to Bowl Our Naked Dog Food collection consists of Wild Haddock dog food, Wild Cod dog food, and Wild Salmon dog food.  

North Coast is the only pet food supplier specializing exclusively in fish-based dog food. Naked Dog Food is made with 100% REAL fish, straight from the boat. We control every step of production from our boats to your dog’s bowl.

As a family-owned seafood business with more than 65 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality sustainable seafood to both humans and to our four-legged friends. We know how important fish is for a healthy diet, so we decided to make the most nutritious dog food with NO Fishmeal, NO Chicken or other byproducts, and NO Wheat, Corn, or Soy.

Just like us, our dogs depend on a natural diet rich in wholesome nutrition to live full and healthy lives. Naked Dog Food contains only the purest ingredients. We never use fishmeal, chicken or other by-products, and none of our Naked dog food contains wheat, corn or soy.

Naked Dog Food is caught by our local fishermen around the globe, and sourced directly from MSC Certified Fisheries.

Get Naked Dog Food online and get it  conveniently delivered to your door at no extra charge.
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