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What Chefs Say About North Coast

Supplying the finest and freshest in Boston and beyond

Superior Quality, Exceptional Service, & True Partnership

A Passion For

At North Coast we are committed to providing our customers with a consistent supply of the highest-grade of finfish and shellfish imaginable.

This starts with our relationship with our global partners and veteran fishermen and women and extends to our flash freezing technology and easy online ordering process. Purchasing wholesale seafood online has never been easier than with North Coast Seafoods.

Freshness Starts at Time of Catch.
Keep it Cold & Keep it Moving.

Better fishing
methods means
better fish

North Coast fish are locally sourced from communities around the globe, using the sustainable, long-line method of catch. The small boats we partner with deliver their fish within hours of catch, each and every day.

We are a wholesale seafood distributor that values the expertise of our fishermen and women. Their knowledge and fishing methods contribute to our high-quality seafood products.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are a wholesale seafood supplier that prioritizes sustainability. As a company that depends on our oceans’ natural resources, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to source and promote sustainable seafood.

Both Wild Caught and Farmed seafood can be environmentally friendly and are each essential to ensuring continued fresh seafood availability for future generations.

Sustainable Seafood is not a final destination, but an ever-evolving effort. As part of the global seafood community, we regularly evaluate our impact and look for new ways to make further improvements to our supply chain.

We hand select each fish from small boats.
Most spend less than 48 hours at sea each trip.


We engineered and built two state of the art processing facilities in Boston and New Bedford, with a combined over 120,000 square feet of refrigerated processing, including two full time on-site microbiology labs to guarantee freshness and food safety.

Every fillet is inspected by one of our expert fishmongers to ensure it meets our precise standards for freshness, size, and cut.

Our Own

Seafood is the only center of plate protein that does not have a mandatory government inspection. In the absence of seafood wholesale industry standards, we established our own. This guarantees our customers consistently receive the highest-grade seafood every delivery.

Strict Standards – From Our Dock to Your Door.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Seafood Online

For over half a century, North Coast has taken pride in sourcing, processing, and distributing the finest quality, sustainable fresh and frozen seafood for restaurants, retailers, and seafoodies across the country.

When you purchase wholesale seafood online from North Coast, you benefit from:

  • High-quality products, live caught and flash frozen to seal in freshness
  • Fast delivery anywhere in the nation from our docks to your door
  • Strictly temperature-controlled products
  • A wide selection of seafood available year-round
  • A dedicated customer service team to answer your questions

Taste The

Exceptional flavor, remarkable texture and delectable appearance—that’s the difference North Coast freshness makes.

Seafood Wholesale
Open to The Public

Enjoy restaurant-quality seafood delivery that you can easily order online or find in store. North Coast is a seafood company that caters to both businesses and seafoodies who value high-quality fresh fish.

Along with offering seafood wholesale to the public, we also provide the nutritional information on our products. High-quality seafood is incredibly healthy, and we strive to provide better information about how to incorporate it into you and your family’s diet.

While much of our fresh and frozen seafood is flavorful with minimal preparation or additions, you can also be inspired by our favorite seafood recipes. From slightly spicy shrimp tacos to a perfectly creamy crab and artichoke dip, these recipes are sure to delight your friends and family at your next get together.

Our Brands

Consider North Coast your online seafood market. Our brands offer a variety of fresh and frozen seafood that’s only a few clicks away from being delivered to your front door.

Explore our brands today and experience the convenience of wholesale seafood delivery.

For 3 generations we have proudly partnered with local fishermen and communities from around the globe to curate the ultimate wholesale seafood market.

Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what North Coast customers are saying about their experience with shopping wholesale seafood online.