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Seafood Near Me USA
Eat clean and #CookNaked on your time.

True to our name, Naked is NOTHING but the finest quality seafood.
No chemicals, antibiotics, or preservatives. All Certified Sustainable.
We flash freeze at peak freshness, and work with fishing communities with the highest sustainability standards.

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Seafood Near Me USA

What is NAKED SEAFOOD? It’s simple – nothing but the best tasting, finest quality sustainable seafood sourced naturally from local communities around the world – Salmon, Shrimp, Cod, and Scallops.

“Naked” is our commitment to pure, clean label seafood – NO Preservatives, NO Additives, NO Antibiotics, NO Phosphates.
Certified Sustainable by BAP, MSC, and ASC.

Flash frozen within hours of catch – locking in peak freshness, flavor, and texture. Fresher than fresh!

Seafood you can trust – natural, pure, and delicious.

Seafood Near Me USA

Seafood Near Me USA

Crab lovers rejoice! Culinary Reserve is the solution for all your crab desires.

Our premium line of pasteurized Blue Swimming Crab meat was created to meet the highest standards of seafood excellence, sourced according to the specifications of top chefs and restaurant operators.

Our crabs are wild caught from the Indonesian Spice Islands. Live crabs are steamed immediately, which is the key to premium quality. Meat is then 100% hand-picked and promptly chilled. Our chefs prefer blue swimming crab because of its sweet, delicate and delicious flavor.

We offer six different varieties of meat with applications ranging from hors d’oeuvres and crab cakes to sautés and soups. We also offer chef-prepared, ready to cook gourmet crab cakes.

Seafood Near Me USA

Our Chef’s Catch product line delivers restaurant quality, chef curated seafood to the comfort of your kitchen. With offerings ranging from Swordfish Steaks to Stuffed Clams to Shrimp Burgers,
Chef’s Catch was created to make seafood SIMPLE.

Quick frozen & packaged for your convenience, these gourmet, premium quality items are ready to cook when you’re ready to enjoy.

Seafood Near Me USA

Wild and Farmed oysters, soft shell clams, hard shell clams, and
Certified Organic mussels harvested throughout New England and purified
in pristine filtered sea water to ensure the best tasting shellfish that
you can trust are safe to enjoy.

Seafood Near Me USA

Naked Dog Food

Premium Quality Dog Food from Boat to Bowl.
Our #1 Ingredient is REAL, Certified Sustainable fish with NO FISHMEAL EVER.
NO Wheat, Corn, or Soy and NO Chicken or other by-products.
NOTHING but pure nutrition for your four-legged family.

exceptional quality,

Premium brands

Our goal at North Coast is to provide our customers with a full assortment of extraordinary fresh and frozen quality seafood – enabling them to maximize their sales and profit. Our brands deliver the finest seafood experience, allowing our customers to enjoy the best quality every time.

North Coast Seafoods Boston facility and local employees

Get hooked on North Coast Seafoods.

While we’ve grown to become a global leader, we’re still a family-owned company and our values are as important to us as ever. We train every skilled associate at our processing facilities—empowering each one with the discretion to determine if a fish doesn’t meet our standards. We closely monitor every shipment to ensure our precise temperature requirements are strictly adhered to. The result is seafood unsurpassed in quality—and customers that come back for more.

We have been proudly serving the finest restaurants and retailers throughout New England & across the country for over half a century.

Interested in becoming a customer? Drop us a line.

Seafood Near Me USA

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Freshly shucked local Cape Cod oysters on the half shell with lemon on ice.

Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.

See for yourself and drop us a line today.

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