Our Approach

We relentlessly control every part
of the process — from hook to delivery.

Our business is built on deep relationships,
solid trust, absolute dependability and unwavering integrity.

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Expertise Learned Over Generations

We’ve built our business by earning the trust of our customers—one at a time. Everything we do is based on long-term relationships—from the fishermen we partner with to Chefs and consumers. We maximize freshness by eliminating middlemen and distributors while controlling each step from boat to delivery.

Quality comes down to efficiency.
Faster processing means fresher fish.

Owning the facility

and the process

We own and operate our processing facilities, which gives us absolute control—from the moment the fish arrive at our door to the moment it’s shipped to our customers. Every employee is trained on a continuous basis in the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and our exacting sanitation protocols.

North Coast Seafoods on-site quality assurance microbiology lab for Grade A compliant seafood at Boston Seaport facility.

Inventing Standards Where None Exist

All our fish are processed to meet U.S.D.C. Grade A specification or better. We have raised the bar with these standards, building our own in-house microbiological laboratory to guarantee the quality and safety of every product we offer.

Vertical Integration Means Absolute Freshness

The majority of our seafood shipped via ground transport gets loaded by our people onto our trucks driven by our associates. This ensures absolute adherence to proper refrigerated/frozen temperatures—from loading through delivery. Every degree above 34° F reduces shelf life by a day, so time and proper handling is crucial to freshness.

We deliver on time, every time.

No substitutions. No excuses.

Fishing boat at sea in the sunlight

Securing Our Future Together

Seafood is not just our family business – it’s our passion and way of life. That’s why we are committed to the long-term survival and growth of our globes fisheries. We support both local and international sustainability groups including the Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and others. This is how we intend on providing the most sustainable seafood for generations to come.

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GMRI Responsibly Harvested Seafood

Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.

See for yourself and contact us today.

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