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North Coast Seafoods Launches Recyclable Packaging

A New Era in Seafood Packaging

For years now, the seafood industry has been chasing a solution to the uniquely challenging issue of replacing single-use, non-recyclable packaging with a more sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative.

North Coast Seafoods, in close partnership Disruptive Packaging (the Australian inventor of UNICOR®, now with North American operations), is proud to be leading the industry as one of the first seafood companies in the United States to implement fully-sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging into our business at scale.

recyclable seafood packaging box on a bed of ice

The Search for Sustainable Solutions

For the past decade, North Coast Seafoods has been on a quest to find high-quality, sustainable packaging alternatives. While traditional packaging options are sturdy, durable, and maintain the cold chain extremely well, they often fall short in terms of recyclability and environmental impact. The challenge was to find a solution that was not only eco-friendly but also met strict standards for sturdiness, leak-proofing, and temperature control.

In order for a new packaging material to be viable, it had to "perform" and hit the unique requirements of sourcing, processing, and distributing seafood to foodservice and retail.

Introducing UNICOR®: Better, Greener, Stronger

This innovative collaboration is a result of this extensive search, which ultimately led us to UNICOR®, a groundbreaking packaging solution that marks a first in the U.S. seafood sector and a significant step toward improving overall sustainability and carbon footprint, amongst many other practical benefits.

Leading the Way with 1:1 Closed Loop, 100% Recyclable, Reusable, and Sustainable Packaging

Composed of up to 70% calcium carbonate and 20-30% high-density polyethylene (HDPE), UNICOR® is a truly closed-loop recyclable material. This means it can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality, offering a sustainable option that doesn't compromise on performance.

Calcium Carbonate (Ca) comes from Limestone (a sedimentary rock), which is considered to have unlimited supply with modern mining methods.

Key Benefits of UNICOR® Packaging

  • Excellent Cold-Chain Performance: Ensures seafood remains fresh during transit and storage.
  • Waterproof and Leakproof: Exceptional protection against moisture and leaks.
  • Durability: UNICOR® packaging has passed rigorous drop tests and received all necessary airline approvals. It also does not chip and flake like conventional packaging.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Provides an eco-friendly solution that is also economically viable.

    How to Recycle UNICOR® Boxes

    Recycling UNICOR® follows the same process as HDPE recycling. End users can return the boxes to collection points as they would with their other number 2 plastics, where they can be pooled and then sent to recyclers. Within the seafood, retail, or foodservice industry, they can also be reused before being recycled.

    A Partnership for a Greener Future

    "After years of R&D and search, North Coast Seafoods is thrilled to partner with Disruptive Packaging and introduce UNICOR® 100% recyclable packaging to our customers," said Christian L’Heureux, Marketing Manager at North Coast Seafoods.

    "As a company with a deeply-anchored legacy of sustainability, we continuously seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. With UNICOR®, we can now offer our customers a sustainable packaging solution without compromising the quality and freshness of our seafood."

    Disruptive Packaging’s Vision

    Disruptive Packaging is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. "We want to leave a legacy of replacing non-recyclable packaging with our revolutionary UNICOR® packaging," said a representative from Disruptive Packaging. "The company’s mission aligns perfectly with North Coast Seafoods’ vision, aiming to create a circular economy that benefits both businesses and the planet."

    Transition to Recyclable Packaging

    North Coast Seafoods has officially begun transitioning their seafood packaging to UNICOR®, a process that will continue to roll out over the coming months. This move sets a new standard in the seafood industry, demonstrating that sustainable packaging does not need to come at the expense of product integrity.


    The introduction of UNICOR® packaging by North Coast Seafoods and Disruptive Packaging marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future. With this game-changing solution, North Coast Seafoods is proud to lead the way towards a greener, cleaner planet.

    Together, North Coast Seafoods and Disruptive Packaging are making a meaningful impact by choosing sustainable packaging options for a better tomorrow.

    To learn more about Disruptive Packaging visit:

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