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Grilled Salmon Tacos

two prepared salmon tacos on tortillas with guacamole, salsa, arugula, cilantro, and sour cream with lime wedges on the side on a plate on a picnic table

The Best Salmon Taco Recipe is Simple

Now that summer is in full swing and patio weather is finally here, it’s time to spark up the grill and make one of the most popular dishes, not just in the United States, but the WORLD. That’s right… TACOS. Seafood Near Me Florida | Seafood Near Me Florida

Pair this world-renowned dish with the most popular fish on the planet, and you have our menu for today. We’re breaking down how to make my simple and delicious Grilled Salmon taco recipe with all the fixins - baby arugula, guacamole, salsa fresca, sour cream, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Divine!

Delicious Fresh Wild Sockeye Salmon

As with any seafood recipe, it’s important to start with the best, high quality fresh fish. Since Copper River Salmon season is running right now, today we’ll be using fresh wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon fillets. A 1 lb. portion of skin-on salmon should provide enough to serve 4 people.

The biggest culinary difference with wild salmon is that it is meatier and less fatty than ocean raised salmon. This means it will need to be cooked slower over a lower, even heat.

Seafood Near Me Florida

How to Prevent Salmon from Sticking to the Grill

Many people avoid grilling fish because they are scared it will stick to the grill… a fair concern. My solution for that is to use a GRILL MAT, a genius invention which prevents any “stickage” and keeps your fish intact during grilling. Here are some effective and affordable options: Grillaholics, Aoocan, or Kona Best.

a one pound wild salmon portion skin side up on a grill mat on a charcoal grill

If you don’t have a grill mat, be sure to clean your grill well, spray it generously with oil, and cook indirectly.

How to Know Your Fish is Done Cooking

Check that your fish is done cooking using the Skewer Trick. Take the flat side of a wooden skewer and push through the thickest part of the fish. If there is resistance, continue cooking for 1-2 more minutes. If it goes through easily with no resistance, it is DONE.

Helpful Tips for the Perfect Fish Taco

  • Cover salmon with a healthy dose of taco seasoning and press the spices into the fish for good measure.
  • Place the salmon spice side down first.
  • Flip the salmon with a wide fish fish spatula to avoid breaking its tender, flaky meat.
  • Allow salmon fillet to rest for a minute or two once it's finished cooking while you prepare your tortillas.
  • Char tortillas directly on the grill so they develop some crunchy nooks and crannies, but are still pliable.
  • Break your fish apart using two forks into large flakes.
  • DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR TACO WITH TOPPINGS. This is the key to a properly portioned taco and pleasant eating experience.
  • Steps of taco assembly: smear of guacamole, a few sprigs of baby arugula, flaked grilled salmon, spoonful of Salsa Fresca, a squiggly-doo of sour cream, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice for the finishing touch.

Suggested Wine Pairing

And of course, we MUST serve wine… Say Hello to Monte Ory Rosado from Navarra, Spain - a blend of Tempranillo and Grenache (or Garnacha in Spain). The rich flavors of salmon call for a richer wine that won't be overpowered. The dark strawberry color of this wine gives us the hint that this will do the trick!

Bright red fruit flavors - think of your favorite summertime berries. The richness never comes at the expense of sweetness, this rose is dry with a crisp, refreshing finish.

And that's it! Go WILD making this grilled salmon taco recipe and be sure to share with friends and family at your next cookout!


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Skin on wild Alaskan Naked salmon portions

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Grilled Salmon Tacos

Combine this world-renowned dish with the most popular fish on the planet and voila! With an extremely simple ingredient list, this is an easy, fun, and delicious dish to prepare and enjoy.

Servings: 4 people

Keywords: Salmon, Fish Tacos

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins





    • 1 lb Wild Sockeye Salmon or Farmed Atlantic Salmon, skin on
    • Canola oil
    • 2 tbsp. Taco seasoning


    • 8 Flour or corn soft tortillas
    • 1 ½ cup Guacamole
    • handful Baby arugula
    • 1 cup Salsa Fresca
    • to taste Sour cream
    • ½ bunch Cilantro leaves
    • 2 each Limes cut into wedges


    Grilling Salmon

    1. Prepare a charcoal grill or preheat your gas grill to medium high heat and scrape clean. If you have a grill mat, place directly on grill grates.
    2. Brush the flesh side of your salmon with a coating of canola oil and cover with 2-3 tablespoons of taco seasoning. Lightly press the spices into the salmon.
    3. If you do not have a grill mat, spray grill grates generously with cooking oil.
    4. Lay your fish down, spice side first, and brush the skin side with more oil.
    5. Allow to cook for 4-5 minutes, or until the spices have developed a beautiful brown color.
    6. With a wide spatula, flip your fish. Cook for another 4-5 minutes, or until salmon has reached 130-135 F internal temp. Carry over cooking will take fish up to 145F.
    7. CHEF TIP: To check that Salmon is cooked through, gently push the flat side of a wooden skewer through the thickest part of the fish. If it goes through with no resistance, it is done. If there is resistance, cook for another minute or so and test again.
    8. Remove your fish from the grill to a plate and allow it to rest while you’re preparing your tortillas.
    9. Place tortillas directly on grill and allow them to char for 30 seconds – 1 minute per side, until they have gained some color & crunch, but are still pliable.
    10. Using two forks, simply pull and push your salmon apart into large flakes, separating them from the skin.

    Taco Assembly

    1. Time to assemble! On your tortillas, add a smear of guacamole, a few sprigs of baby arugula, and then your flaked salmon(leaving skin behind).
    2. Being careful not to overload your toppings, add a spoonful of Salsa Fresca and a drizzle of sour cream. Finish with some cilantro leaves and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
    3. Serve immediately and enjoy!