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We harvest the finest, cultured Blue Mussels from the icy cold North Atlantic waters of Prince Edward Island. Our PEI mussels are organically grown and Certified Sustainable, including favorites like Natural PEI Mussels, Garlic Butter PEI Mussels, and PEI Mussels with White Wine Flavored Sauce. All Gluten Free!

All of our mussels are organically grown in nutrient-rich marine estuaries on suspended ropes, carefully harvested by hand, and purified in filtered sea water to purge out any sand and grit. To preserve their peak freshness, our mussels are quick frozen in their shell.

Enjoy the taste of your restaurant-style mussels with at-home convenience. Perfect as a delicious appetizer for two, or as a hearty dinner for one. These plump PEI Mussels possess an unparalleled sweetness and tender texture.

Our PEI mussels are Certified Sustainable by BAP, Ocean Wise Recommended, BRC Food Certified, and Certified Organic by the Canadian General Standards Board.

Order mussels online for next-day delivery to your door from North Coast Seafoods. Our all-natural mussels are chemical-free, and Certified Sustainable by BAP.

North Coast is proud to work with local fishing communities all over the world to bring you the best, sustainable seafood.
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