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Grilled Salmon Tacos
Combine this world-renowned dish with the most popular fish on the planet and voila! With an extremely simple ingredient list, this grilled salmon taco recipe is an easy, fun, and delicious dish to prepare and enjoy at your next cookout.
Breaded Salmon with Pimento Cheese slaw
This simply delicious pan fried salmon recipe results in a golden brown, crispy crust coating the juicy, tender salmon. Pair this with Chef Andrew’s mouthwatering pimento cheese slaw and you have a fantastic seafood lunch or dinner in 30-35 minutes!
Slow Roasted Wild Salmon with Rosemary and Lemon Scented Olive Oil
This simple and elegant recipe uses the “low and slow” cooking method to maintain the natural fat content and flavor of the Wild Alaskan Salmon.
Crispy Salmon Caesar-Cobb Salad
A delicious and healthy hybrid-salad topped with crispy salmon, avocado, and chopped hard boiled eggs with homemade Caesar dressing.
Honey Mustard Crunch Salmon
If you like honey mustard, then you will LOVE this flavor packed baked salmon recipe. Combine 6 simple ingredients to make your epic glaze, coat Naked Salmon portions, and press down your Panko mixture for a delicious crunch. Ready in only 30 minutes, this salmon dish is fantastic for any lunch or dinner.
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