Salmon Lovers Combo

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Some of our favorite Omega-3 packed salmon products, healthy and oh so delicious!

2 lbs. Naked Norwegian Salmon
(6) 5+ ounce Prime Cut skinless portions
2 lbs. Naked Wild Alaskan Salmon
(6) 5+ ounce Prime Cut skinless portions
2 packs of Wild Salmon Burgers
(4) 6 ounce frozen burgers
– 1 lb. Scottish Style Smoked Salmon
(4) 4 ounce pre-sliced packages

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Weight6.77 lbs

Product Descriptions

Naked Norwegian Salmon
Responsibly Ocean Raised

Carefully raised in the pristine fjords of Norway along the Arctic Circle.
Incredibly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, rewarding an extraordinary “melt in your mouth” flavor profile.
*Sushi Grade quality*

SERVING: (3) 5+ oz. Prime Cut Portions (Deep Skinned)
CERTIFICATIONASC Certified Sustainable (learn more)
METHOD: Raised sustainably without the use of antibiotics. Flash frozen to lock in peak freshness, texture, and flavor.
HEALTH HIGHLIGHT: Excellent source of Omega 3s and rich source of Vitamin D

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burgers
(2) 6 oz. Frozen Burgers
Chef Prepared, Ready to Cook

Individually made with over 80% Wild Sockeye Salmon, these burgers have an outstanding flavor profile that will delight seafood lovers and burger lovers alike.
These burgers are Gluten Free with a unique “Sweet Italian” flavor profile.

Individually made and quick frozen
SERVING: (2) 6 oz. Salmon Burgers
PREPARATION: Can be Pan Fried, Grilled, Broiled, or Baked

Scottish Style Smoked Salmon
4 oz. Package · Pre-Sliced · Frozen

Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in small batches, our Scottish style smoked salmon represents the “gold standard”.
Made with Premium Atlantic Salmon, this extraordinary quality salmon has a delicate texture, buttery flavor, and oaky finish.

: Salmon, Salt, and Sugar
SERVING: 4 oz. Frozen
METHOD: Double cured and slow smoked in traditional brick kilns without any artificial preservatives or additives.
HEALTH HIGHLIGHT: Rich in Omega 3s with 26 grams of protein

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