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What Chefs Say about North Coast

Supplying the finest and freshest in Boston and beyond

Superior Quality, Exceptional Service, & True Partnership

President and COO | Legal Seafoods

As a Boston-based Chef, I first became familiar with North Coast 23 years ago in 1999 while working for the Sheraton Corporation as a young Sous Chef. Even then, the team at North Coast was always available for a call, returned the respect they were given, and provided advice as the seafood experts.

They quickly became a partner that a brought with me through all my escapades in New England. As an executive Chef, I always valued North Coast’s ability to provide consistent high-quality seafood at a fair price.

Today, operating Legal Sea Foods, North Coast is an integral part of our everyday operation, providing all of the fresh and frozen seafood for our New England Brand.

North Coast is more than a vendor, they are true partners and friends.

G Bar and Kitchen - Swampscott, MA

I have been doing business with North Coast since the inception of my business 15 years ago and have always received superb “peak freshness” products to work with.

They have always been there for me to discuss and brainstorm menu changes (8 times per year) to ensure that the items will be available and consistent.
The quality of the product provided by North Coast is superior to other seafood vendors that I have used because of the way they procure, butcher, pack, and transport their product.

Great New Hampshire Restaurant Group
COO / Owner

Before using North Coast, it really was a gamble as to what we were getting, the quality, and how long it would last (if we would get it at all).
Our business has peace of mind when serving North Coast Seafoods, as the quality and shelf life is second to none and our guests can taste the difference.
Together we are one company working towards common goals.

The Beachcomber - Cape Cod

Giving North Coast my seafood business is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a food operations manager!

They have excellent product, great service, and truly care about my daily operations. They have helped me work through staff shortages by offering me time-saving products, and their dedication to temperature control is next level.

North Coast make you feel like they are working with you and working together - not just trying to make a few bucks from one of many customers.
Call them up and place an order, you’ll never regret it.

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The North Coast Difference

Chefs, Restauranteurs, and Food Service directors look to North Coast when:

  • They're frustrated with inconsistent quality, availability, and poor shelf life

  • They need cost & time saving solutions to combat the labor shortage
  • They’re struggling with inconsistent deliveries, poor fill rates, slow response times, and lack of communication from their sales reps
  • They’re fed up with not getting the quality they’ve paid for

We partner directly with our trusted fishermen around the globe to directly source the highest caliber seafood, eliminating the middleman, and giving us total control of quality, from catch to kitchen.

We proudly support our local Boston and greater New England fisheries, sourcing directly from our partners on the Boston Fish Pier, New Bedford, Rhode Island, and Maine.


Chefs, Restauranteurs, and Food Service directors look to North Coast when:

We offer seafood solutions for all style and size of foodservice, catering to a diverse clientele, from small family-owned establishments, large chains, upscale fine dining resturants, higher education institutions, casual eateries, seafood shacks, catering companies, senior living communities, food trucks, and more.

Explore Our Seafood Selection


North Coast Seafoods offers a consistent and complete range of premium quality seafood items. Above all, we are a fresh seafood supplier with a comprehensive variety of species from local and global waters (Learn more here). We also offer frozen at sea, quick frozen, and previously frozen seafood.

Our Naturally Pure Shellfish program includes farmed and wild oysters, mussels, and soft and hard shell clams. (Learn more here)

We offer a full line of premium, hand-picked, pastuerized Culinary Reserve Crab Meat. (Learn more here)

Our Value Added lineup includes chef-developed, high-quality seafood items that save time and money in the kitchen. Some items include: Breaded fish, stuffed seafood, seafood burgers, chowders, and more!

Take a look at our Top Tier Seafood items here.

More Than Just Your Seafood Supplier

Maine Kelp Tagliatelle with Seared Scallops


We strive to be more than just your seafood supplier; but to be a true partner and valuable resource for your entire team.

We achieve this by providing in-depth product information, seafood training sheets and videos for your service staff, regular market and seasonality updates, facility tours, and a full suite of marketing support.

Our culinary team also offers product testing and brainstorming for your seasonal menu updates.

Have a special request or need a unique SPEC? We're here to make it happen!

Looking Towards the future of North Coast Seafoods.


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North Coast Seafoods headquarters in the Boston Seaport District

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