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While we’ve grown to become a global leader, we’re still a family-owned company and our values are as important to us as ever. We train every skilled associate at our processing facilities—empowering each one with the discretion to determine if a fish doesn’t meet our standards. We closely monitor every shipment to ensure our precise temperature requirements are strictly adhered to. The result is seafood unsurpassed in quality—and customers that come back for more.

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Our goal at North Coast is to provide our customers with a full assortment of extraordinary fresh and frozen quality seafood – enabling them to maximize their sales and profit. Our brands deliver the finest seafood experience, allowing our customers to enjoy the best quality every time.

North Coast Brands

prince edward island, mussel king, fresh mussels, boston mussels, blue mussels

Prince Edward Island is renowned for producing the finest quality blue mussels in the world. The pristine, pollution-free marine estuaries of PEI have proven to be an ideal environment for cultivating mussels with glistening shells and plump, sweet meats. Certified Organic.

chefs catch, salmon, salmon burger, Atlantic seafood, Atlantic cod, haddock, codfish, Atlantic pollock

Chef’s Catch provides a complete assortment of premium quality seafood products, ranging from Atlantic salmon to wild cod and haddock. Our innovative offerings of fresh and frozen seafood are produced in U.S.D.C. Grade A certified facilities, guaranteeing our customer receives the best value and flavor in every Chef’s Catch package.

Culinary Reserve Pasteurized Crab meat

Culinary Reserve Pasteurized Crab Meat consistently meets the highest standards of seafood excellence. Our chefs prefer blue swimming crab because of its sweet, delicate and delicious flavor.

North Coast Naked Shrimp

Naked Shrimp are sustainably raised without antibiotics in
nutrient-rich ocean waters. Absolutely chemical free – No preservatives, no phosphates, and no additives. Nothing but pure shrimp.
Available Frozen, Cooked or Raw.

naturally pure , clams, oysters, mussels, wild oysters, farmed oysters, hard shell clams, soft shell clams, cultured mussels

Wild and Farmed oysters, soft shell clams, hard shell clams, and
Certified Organic mussels harvested throughout New England and purified
in pristine filtered sea water to ensure the best tasting shellfish that
you can trust are safe to enjoy.

Sizzling shrimp, pan fried shrimp, naked shrimp, spicy seasoning, jumbo shrimp, skillet, Boston restaurant, seafood appetizer
Freshly shucked local Cape Cod oysters on the half shell with lemon on ice.

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