Our Fishermen

Real relationships,
Forged over generations.

We personally know every dayboat captain
that brings our daily fresh catch back to port.

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Our Fishermen Are Our Family

Since the early 1950s we have built our business on trust and integrity – and it begins with our people. We partner with the most dependable, responsible, and expert fishermen in local communities throughout the world. They are the backbone of our business and our mutual respect runs deep.

The Fish Our Customers Want—Every Time

It’s true. Some fishermen may think we are too fussy or demanding, but we do not settle for fish that are sometimes fresh. We demand superior freshness and the finest quality always. That is what our customers deserve.

Live fish are caught individually,
eliminating stress and bruising of fish.

Freshness Begins on the Boat

From the moment a live fish is caught, it is only seconds until it is preserved in ice. This practice, combined with short trips from dock to door, ensures North Coast receives flawless fish. Our state of the art processing and refrigeration systems are routinely calibrated to make sure our fish are handled at the precise temperature necessary to maintain freshness and quality.

Since the beginning, we have been committed
to supporting local fishermen.

North Coast Seafoods truck parked in front of Boston Fish Pier

Our Local Commitment

Local Seafood is ingrained in the history and culture of Massachusetts and New England as a whole. Buying Gulf of Maine seafood means supporting the livelihoods of local fishermen. Our story and our values foster longstanding relationships with fishermen around New England have been forged over generations.

We work closely with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to sustain the health of our local ecosystems by sourcing verified Responsibly Harvested® species, a program we have participated in since 2011.

These species include Atlantic: Pollock, Ocean Perch, Sea Scallops, Monkfish, Haddock, Mackerel, American Plaice, White Hake, Whiting, and Winter Skate.

GMRI Responsibly Harvested Seafood

Our Seafood Tastes Better
Because Fresher Fish Tastes Better.

See for yourself and contact us today.

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