a dozen clams on the half shell served on a platter with 2 lemon wedges

Health Benefits of Shellfish

15 Oct 2021

Did you know Shellfish are rich in Omega 3s, lean protein, and...

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four fresh salmon portions on a cutting board with lemon herbs and olive oil next to them on a blue countertop

Omega 3s and Fish

07 Jun 2021

Omega 3 fatty acids provide heart health benefits including lowering blood cholesterol...

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Fishing boat out at sea illuminated by a beam of sunlight with birds flying around the boat

10 Things You Need to Know about Seafood

17 Mar 2021

Seafood is one of the most complex and misunderstood foods in the...

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man squatting to pick up weight for a deadlift

Optimizing Muscle Recovery with Seafood

16 Mar 2021

How can seafood help your muscles recover after a workout? Learn more...

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Norwegian Salmon portion on ice

Why Eat Fish? The Health Benefits of Seafood

18 Feb 2021

They say you should eat fish twice per week… Well, who are...

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Kids Having Fun with Seafood

Sea to Schools – Real Food for Healthier Kids

04 Sep 2020

In 2014, North Coast Seafoods began our “Real Food for Healthier Kids”...

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